Providing Leadership in Tobacco Reduction
Providing Leadership in Tobacco Reduction
  • Tobacco Reduction in Manitoba


    •  MANTRA was incorporated.


    •  Smokers’ Helpline was introduced in Manitoba through the Canadian

    Cancer Society, Manitoba Division.

    •  N.O.T.  (Not On Tobacco) teen cessation program introduced by the

    Manitoba Lung Association.

    •  City of Winnipeg goes smoke free in all public places.


    •  Manitoba is the first Province in Canada to go smoke free in all public and work places.


    •  Restrictions on display and promotion of tobacco products came into effect.

    •  Brief Intervention Counselling project was developed in partnership with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.


    •  MANTRA releases “Tobacco Reduction:  A Cessation Framework” that forms the basis for ongoing smoking cessation

       activities in Manitoba.


    •  MANTRA Partners with Regional Health Authorities and Health Canada to initiate a Workplace Smoking Cessation Project.

    •  Health Behaviour Change training is used in Regional Health authorities across Manitoba.

    •  Training Enhancement in Applied Cessation Counselling and Health (TEACH) is delivered by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

    •  Implementation of MANTRA’s revised comprehensive tobacco reduction strategy for 2008-2012.


    •   The provincial Highway Traffic Act is amended to ban smoking in cars with kids under the age of 16.


    •  Manitoba announces that it will work with other provinces to pursue legal action against the tobacco industry to pursue health recovery costs.

    •  Stop smoking aid Champix is added to the provincial formulary.

    •  City of Winnipeg bans smoking on recreation fields while kids under 18 are playing. Also bans smoking on playgrounds and health care

       facilities in Winnipeg.


    •  The Province introduces legislation to ban the sale of tobacco in pharmacies.

    •  Provincial tobacco taxes are increased to levels among the highest in Canada


    •  Manitoba bans tobacco sales in pharmacies and hospitals.

    •  Training Enhancement in Applied Cessation Counselling and Health (TEACH) is again delivered by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.


    •  Manitoba introduces flavoured tobacco legislation.


    •  Manitoba introduces legislation to restrict vaping where smoking is restricted.

    •  With funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada, MANTRA enters into a 3 year project with Cancer Care and the University of Manitoba

       to enhance the tobacco cessation capacity of Health Professionals


    •  Murray Gibson retires after serving 16 years as the Executive Director. The board recruits a new Executive Director and hires John McDonald as of April 1, 2018.

    •  MANTRA undertakes a new social media strategy to engage public and professionals in improving education and awareness regarding tobacco and the new emerging issues following the legalization of cannabis and vaping across Canada.

  • Our Mission, Vision and Values


    To function as a catalyst and coordinator for tobacco reduction activities in Manitoba.


    To eliminate tobacco use for a healthier Manitoba.


    Human Life: We value the health of all people, smokers and

    non-smokers alike. We seek cooperation in promoting healthy

    lifestyle behaviours for the betterment of all members of the community.

    Collaboration: We are committed to working with our partners, including

    government, wherever possible for our joint vision of a tobacco-free society.

    Respect: We respect our partners, colleagues, board members, and the people of Manitoba.

    In our efforts to curb tobacco use, we do not pass judgement on people. We respect and are

    sensitive to differences in cultural values, personal beliefs, and traditions.

    Stewardship: We are accountable to the people of Manitoba and our partners. With courage and a dedication

    to service we seek to provide leadership in recognizing opportunities and taking action to mitigate and eliminate

    the influence of tobacco in four domains:

    Prevention: Prevent young people and adults from starting to use tobacco and reduce access to tobacco.

    Protection: Protect the health of non-smokers.

    Cessation: Help smokers quit smoking.

    Denormalization: Change the attitudes of Canadians toward tobacco and tobacco products.

  • 2018-2019 MANTRA Board of Directors

  • 2017 Annual Report

In 2002, a Board of Directors was established where ten individuals

representing a variety of professional backgrounds became

the founding board members. MANTRA was subsequently

incorporated in June 2002 at which time Murray Gibson

became the organization’s Executive Director.

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